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Owner Services

Homeowners' Association Management

Crown Realty Property Management shall provide property management services to the Association including the following:

1.Attend all regular and special meetings of the Association and its Board of Directors (hereafter “Board”), including Board meetings held in executive session (all referred to hereafter as “Meetings”).

2.Prepare and distribute notices of Meetings to Association members and/or the Board as required by law*1.

3.Prepare, maintain and distribute all meeting minutes. Minutes will be prepared by the Association’s Secretary or at the Board’s election, by Contractor. Minutes will be signed by Association’s Secretary*.

4.Maintain official records and unit files of the Association. All such files shall be available for inspection by any director during business hours and upon not less than 48 hours notice. Records to be inspected by Association members shall be determined by the Board which shall instruct Contractor accordingly.

5.Advise & report to the Board the status of Projects/Repairs*.

6.Provide monthly reports to the Board of Directors regarding activities within the complex. This will be accomplished by using the attached sample report except that to the extent the Contract and this Addendum require information not identified on the attached form, the form shall be supplemented to provide such information*.

7.Recommend new polices and rules as appropriate.

8.Provide an answering service during off business hours and weekends for emergencies. Contractor has provided a cell phone number to Board so that Contractor can be reached 24 hours per day for emergencies.

9.Be the “Agent of Service” and as the Agent for the Board provide the following to the Board for signature (or review, as the case may be) by the President or as otherwise directed. (a) Maintenance and service agreements. (b) State, Federal and, if any, local tax returns. (c) Liens and Release of Liens. (d) Suits & Judgements. (e) Domestic Corporations filing (annually) (f) And such others as are appropriate and consistent with the purposes and powers of the agents.

10.Receive all invoices, billing and statements.

11.Prepare checks for signature to pay monthly liabilities.

12.Provide printing, postage, labels, envelopes and handling at cost for the following: (a) Budget Summary and Annual Assessment Notice (b) Board Agenda materials. (c) Notice of Annual Meetings, Agendas, Proxies, and Ballots. (d) Minor correspondence (e) Minutes and resolutions of the Board. Distribute up to one copy to each Member. (f) Annual report and disclosures to the Members including reserve studies.

13.Contractor shall include: (If selected as part of contract agreement) (a) Accounts Receivable (b) Financial Reports. (c) Accounts Payable Services.

14.Contractor will be on site to inspect and sign as the Agent for the properties and oversee the Association’s contractors.

15.Contractor shall cause and pay from the Association’s funds the preparation of the Federal and State Tax Returns. Contractor shall provide Association’s CPA with all requested records and a copy of all data from our financial program.

16.Provide to the Board, at least thirty (30) days prior to the date required to be distributed, such information and documents which Association is required to distribute by law. Contractor acknowledges receipt of the Berding & Weil, LLP Community Association Disclosure Checklist for 2005 which identifies such information and documents which must distributed by Association. Such Checklist is incorporated into this Addendum and Contract by reference.

17.Interface with realtors during the sale of any property within the Association. Contractor may charge a fee to provide the information described below (hereafter “Sales Packet”) which fee will not exceed $150.00. Association authorizes Contractor to collect this fee from an Association member who requests such information or the member’s agent.2 The Sales Packet includes all information required to be provided to an owner upon request to Association pursuant to California Civil Code Section 1368. That information to be provided in set forth in Section 1368(a)(1) through (a)(8) and shall be provided within the time periods mandated by Section 1368(b).


*Avalon Court Home Owners Association
*Bel Serra Home Owners Association
*Laurel Hills Home Owners Association
*Lois D Townhomes
*Newport North Home Owners Association
*Pine Glen Home Owners Association
*Silverado Oaks Home Owners Association
*The Creek Home Owners Association
*Valley Green Home Owners Association
*Woodland Estates Home Owners Association

1. The asterisk (*) indicates information which must be provided the Board at least seven (7) days prior to a board meeting. as provided in the Contract.

2. Contractor acknowledges that, per California Civil Code Section 1368, it may not charge a fee that exceeds the amount specified in subparagraph (b) plus any cost that exceeds the cost to change Association records.

1601 Lincoln Avenue
Napa, CA 9455

Napa 707-255-0880
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